Questions & Answers               


Cancellation insurance

Q: Whats the price?

A: 575 kr. - until 8 days before arrival

Check-in and Check-out

Q: When can I check in and out at Fattiggaarden?

A: Check-in can be done at the reception at Ærøskøbing Feriehytter & Camping between 12.00-14.00 and check-out between  07.00-10.00. You will receive a key at the campsite and will have to turn it back here again. The address is Sygehusvejen 40, 5970 Ærøskøbing. The campsite is situated close to the ferry.


Q: Do we have to clean?

A: No. We are responsible for cleaning.



Q: What about breakfast?

A: Breakfast must be purchased separately. The price is DKK 80 per person per day.

Every morning we place a basket with fresh bread in front of your door. The room's fridge contains juice, butter, jam, milk, yoghurt and cheeses + muesli. All rooms have kettles, tea and coffee.



Q: Can I buy drinks at Fattiggaarden?

A: We have a nice selection of water, wine and beer.



Q: Where can I buy groceries?

A: There is a grocery store 3 km from Fattiggaarden. There is a large supermarket in Søby (10 km) and a Netto in Ærøskøbing (10 km).



Q: Is there a kitchen where we can cook?

A: Fattiggaarden has 2 kitchens where you can cook.



Q: How far is Fattiggaarden from the beach?

A: The nearest beach is 900 m from Fattiggaarden.



Q: How do I get to Fattiggaarden from the nearest airport?

A: There are airports in Sønderborg, Odense and Copenhagen. The transport time by car is 1-2.5 hours by car + the ferry to Ærø. There is also a small airport on Ærø with the possibility of a taxi flights.



Q: How far is Fattiggaarden from the center of Bregninge?

A: Fattiggaarden is located on the outskirts of Bregninge, which is a very small village with 100 inhabitants. It is 10 km to Søby, 10 km to Ærøskøbing and 20 km to Marstal. There is a nice selection of shops in Marstal, specialty shops in Ærøskøbing, while Søby only has a few shops beside the supermarket and the bakery.



Q: Are there any activities at Fattiggaarden?

Playground and small ball field. 



Q: What does it cost to spend a night at Fattiggaarden?

A: The cheapest room costs DKK 875 per night, and the apartments cost DKK 1,575 - Breakfast is not included.


Number of guests

Q: How many people can live in rooms and apartments?

A: The rooms can accommodate 2 guests.

Rooms and apartments

Q: What types of accommodation does Fattiggaarden have?

A: There are rooms from 13-26 sqm and apartments of 30 sqm. All have private terraces.



Q. Can I park at Fattiggaarden?

A: Yes, we have free parking.



Q. Are children welcome?

A: Yes, children are welcome. Children over 2 years count as 1 guest.


Cots and high chairs

Q: Do you have cots and high chairs?

A: Highchairs are free. Cot with duvet and pillow is DKK 60 per night. Remember to order in advance.

Children over 2 years are considered as adults at this property.



Q: Are there single and double beds?

A: There are double beds in all rooms and apartments. 



Q: May we smoke inside?

A: Smoking is not allowed inside.



Q: May we hold parties?

A: Parties are only allowed if you have rented the entire Fattiggaarden.


Quiet times

Q. When should there be night rest?

A: From 22:00 to 07:00.



Q: May we bring our dogs or other pets?

A: Dogs or other pets allowed only in rooms 9 and 10.



Q: Is there WiFi at Fattiggaarden?

A: Yes we have free WiFi.


Room equipment

Q: What equipment is in the rooms?

A: There is sink, kettle, linen, duvets, pillows, towels, terrace with garden furniture.


Apartment equipment

Q: What equipment is there in apartments?

A: There is kitchen, bath, dining table, linen, duvets, pillows, towels, terrace with garden furniture.


Disability conditions

Q: Is there a disabled bathroom?

A: There is 1 disabled bathroom.



Q: How is the availability?

A: All rooms and apartments are located on the ground floor. There are doorsteps into rooms and apartments.



Q: Is there a TV?

A: No